Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Traditional and alternative sources of energy- A Comparison

The growing energy demands of the urban and rural areas of the developing and developed nations can be met by the use of conventional energy resources as well as the alternative energy sources. It is known that the use of both types of energy sources side by side is the only effective means of fulfilling the energy requirements.

The various conventional sources of energy are coal, petroleum and natural gas. The alternative energy sources that are known to the mankind are solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, thunder bolt energy etc.

We can make a comparison of conventional and alternative energy sources to know which ones are better and efficient.

Conventional sources of energy like coal and petroleum are exhaustible whereas the alternative energy resources are renewable and cannot come to an end.

The conventional sources of energy cause pollution whereas the alternative energy resources are popular for not causing environmental pollution.

Traditional sources of energy are not available everywhere. They are available at a central location from which they are distributed and so these cannot be put to use everywhere in the world apart from locations where they are abundantly available.. On the other hand, alternative energy sources are decentralized and are available for use in all places in the world whether the area is a rural area or an urban area..

The cost of using renewable alternative energy sources is less as compared to the use of conventional energy sources. Electricity can be generated from alternative energy resource at a comparatively lower cost as compared to the generation of electricity from conventional sources which is very expensive.


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