Monday, April 27, 2009

Applications of biodiesel power

Biodiesel power can be generated from bio diesel. Biodiesel is an alternative source of energy that can be obtained from vegetable oils and animal fats. Biodiesel power can be used for many purposes. The main use of biodiesel power is in running vehicles.

Biodiesel power can be used to power all diesel engine vehicles without requiring many modifications in the engine design. It can also be used to power off road vehicles and equipments used in farming, construction and mining. Biodiesel power is used to run marine vessels. The use of biodiesel is advantageous because it does not contaminate the water in any way. Many stationary power generation systems also use bio diesel power because the use of biodiesel does not emit any harmful particles into the environment. It can also be used as boiler fuel. The rising prices of natural gas make bio diesel a viable option to power trains.

Hybrid electric vehicles are being made more popular all around the world and biodiesel power is the best source available to power them. Biodiesel can be used as a lubrication agent and the use of bio diesel power thus increases the efficiency and life of engines. It can also be used as a fuel additive to keep the injectors, pumps and other combustion components of biodiesel power vehicles clean.

Biodiesel power can be applied to many uses cost effectively and reliably. It is a renewable energy source and always readily available for use.

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