Thursday, March 12, 2009

Geothermal energy

The word geothermal has been derived from a Greek word Geo (earth) and Therm (heat). Geothermal energy is taken as the heat from earth that is sustainable and clean. Sources of geothermal energy have been discovered few miles beneath the earth’s surface in the form of some solid rock or molten rock at very high temperatures.

Application areas of geothermal energy are wide. Some use the heat near the surface of earth while other needs drilling miles under the earth’s surface to get the energy sources. We, mainly make use of this geothermal energy in three ways as direct usage, heat pumps and electricity generation.

Overall effect of geothermal energy on surrounding mainly depends upon the way how renewable source of energy is being used. Heating and direct usage applications have no bad effects on the environment. No harmful and poisonous gases are being produced while electricity generation from this energy, and if produces, the amount is less than 1%, so no danger to environment at all. Geothermal energy is featured in fumaroles and geysers in several national parks to avoid the land from being concerned.

Sometimes, geothermal energy also finds its way to come out in the form of hot springs and volcanoes. The areas where geothermal energy is found out most frequently are the precincts (also known as ring fire) where volcanoes and earthquakes are concerted.

In California, almost all electricity is generated by making use of geothermal energy while other areas where geothermal reservoirs are found out most frequently are Alaska, Hawaii and several others.

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